She Was a Brisk Wind



Amidst the settling debris of what we call our joke of a relationship, ive noticed how light I’ve become. Still grabbing my hand, you hold invisible twines like leashes on others. Let go of my hand. I don’t want to be led, and do not wish to be misled. Every step I take with you requires me to check my footing, and the thing is, you know it is my best interest.

When you feel alone, don’t come to me because you know I’m a great companion, but don’t come to me because I can speak better than canine. I have tons of love to give but you are taking up all my time. Someone out there deserves my fire, but you blew it out on multiple occasions. Don’t be rude, let me warm someone who deserves it.

Though my flame is ice cold blue,
this other lover, just might warm me too.

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