As He Giveth, He Can Also Taketh

Wear this and wear that and then wear this. There’s a point in which the second skin becomes the primary. The output you put out is who you are and I had no choice but to sit as a silent witness to report to the court. The artistry in the movement of your sharp body’s diction reveal your indisputable readiness in breeding, but there was a time when it was metaphorical. Mental indolence led to it becoming literal, as I impatiently watched.There was no world to turn back to as it became consistent in forward motion. It always has been, and turning back only meant lament and regret, yet those were never apparent and do not appear to revelate anytime in the near future. We creatures are progressive only in the sense that we seek quicker ways to destroy and dissemble. This life is filled with choices and outcomes, and will always be another open fork in the road. The challenge is remaining consistent. Everything in between love and hate has always been underrated as it was the only subject that warped what we assumed and refer to be balance.

This temporary playground we dubbed the end-all be-all was where we differed. Your presumptions of this temporary life was, in fact, my presumptions of the end-all be-all. Temporary was an incomputable phrase that I generously refused to add into my cakecabulary. The dealings with the rest of the world never meant enough to be counted in ours.

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