You’ll be Electric, and I’ll Be Electric Too

When I smoke a cigarette, I can’t stand to have the smoke from the tip get into my eyes. It’s uncomfortable and I usually try to stay in motion when it’s lit. Whether it’s shifting the cigarette away from my face or even walking. The same rule applies when other things in life are on fire. If I stay to watch the flames, the smoke makes me teary-eyed. Stay moving so your eyes don’t water.

I can’t understand why it is I have to pay for the mistakes of other people. But I tend to worry about theirs more than my own. It’s borderline selfless or stupid. I stand here in the cold awaiting your response, but regardless, I’m moving with or without you, just hurry it up, because I will go. The question is whether or not you choose to follow. But if you’re confused, my suggestion is don’t follow. You’ll only hold me back because you have one leg outside the car, ready to jump, and I will have to politely slow down so you don’t break your bones when you jump.

The world is coming at me like a train, but I’ve been tied to the tracks, are you going to help untie me? Let me know now so I don’t waste my time putting faith in you. I can save myself, because I happen to be a resilient son of a bitch. Cunning as a fox and will chew off my own arms in order to wriggle free from the binds.

I would like for you to follow me due to the fact that no one winds the turbines like you and I. We’re doomed together, but we’re still quite sparky while we’re at it. I’ll stand here waiting for your answer a little while longer. And if you’ll be electric, then I’ll be electric too. There’s a fine line between idiocy and genius, are you going to make the cut this time?

All Photos by Sierra Kendra Photo

Believe you me, I’ll be alright.


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