You Can’t Have It All

It’s so exciting! I feel like a spy in a movie with all the codenames and monikers flying around. Enemy forces are still unstable and snaps as fast as a ’68 GT fastback. I don’t exactly know what a ’68 fastback is, but it sounds speedy. I’ve no doubt a new system of tactical rendezvous have been established for the enemies, and my inside mole seems to have been captured, probably tortured into leaking our mission data. All I have left is my cover and it is likely that they’ve made me, and are using me in their grand scheme of total annihilation.

Time for a pancake breakfast and an afternoon of books with a friend.
“Don’t you hate it when you don’t get credited for work you do, Georgie? It’s not like those paintings painted themselves after all.”

I just had to speak in code one more time as an homage, haha. Anyhoo, I’m really excited for the week ahead, I’ve got two auditions in which I play a manic drug abuser who’s talks faster than he thinks. Probably a secondary role. And the other, I play a manic depressive existentialist who’s on the road to nowehere fast. These kinds of characters have always intrigued me and I plan on using method acting. Now the second role, I have no qualms about having to get into character. For the first role, I’m probably going to need to by a baggie of meth or maybe ketamine. That way I can be a complete scumbag. Free pancakes at IHOP today! I’m not a fan but I AM a fan of the word FREE, so I’ll be supporting.

Now to bump up Brenton Wood as I get ready. And I don’t have curtains on my windows šŸ˜‰

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