Sun, Moon, and Rockets

This night, she sleeps as a sea creature, or even a being from another realm. The mysteries of her oceans are being explored right now by a sailor from another world as I speak. T’is the most painful of realities as the world of magic and splendor she tried to maintain comes toppling down against tonight’s moonlight. The morning sun will ache and tremble, for the dances of tonight will scar and become eternal. The moon’s reflection in the calm sea has been decimated by waves that distort the things we knew and couldn’t tell. Perhaps there was never a reflection to begin with, a night with no moon.

“I’ll see you soon,” has evolved from a romantic phrase into an ominous one. That same moon shouts it to all that succumbs to it’s mesmerizing gaze. The moon had lost its magic when that foreign rocket landed on its surface, defecating it with its touch. The universe was robbed of its charm and has become just another desolate rock floating in space. Among neverending rocks floating in space, now having the addition of the moon, my moon, in their ranks. But alas, the sun still shines it’s rays that are indistinguishable from shiny tears,

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