Put The Pistols and Revolvers Down, We’re on the Same Side

I just got a call tonight. Much like one of those pinnacle moments in the movie where the person realizes the error of their ways, so that things can be changed. As charmed as I am about this idea, this proposal is usually accompanied by smoke in the chimney. After the many times I’ve been fucked over relentlessly, I don’t just invite ‘sunshine and lollipops,’ in without a cavity search. Keep the glove.

I’m reminded by the million tiny little amazing things that we had, shared, and when all added up, only made sense that we were together. like family. I was also reminded by the few big unfortunate events that had to occur to really push us off our rockers. It feels like I’ve known her my entire life, even the little things, like the significance of Mockingbird by Eminem, or celebrity named dog from back home, and more importantly, the dreams we always talked about which had become our gameplan. It seems now we need a Hail Mary, and i’ve only seen this person a total of thirty or so days within the last year. Is this crazy? It is to everyone. But it seems like french toast in the morning to us now.

I have no idea where her mind is now, but I miss it. More so than my own. And I really hope she didn’t lie to me about everything she said tonight, but we’ll find out tomorrow won’t we? Stay tuned. I hope it’ll be a short break, because if I put all the chips I have left into this one, I’m fucked.


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