Tremor Control

Does true love last forever? It has a chance. but only if both parties are willing to try. Honesty is key. Honesty honesty. At this certain stage in my life, I’ve discovered vanity to be the most deadly sins of all; it leads you to commit all the other ones and watches you comically try to justify it. It sits and nods it’s self assured head and giggles when you walk away thinking you’re clean. It also knows that the excuses weren’t for anyone but yourself. I suppose all the great sins work this way, but right now, that one is loudest.

Anyhoo, I was watching the The Fugitive with Harrison Ford the other day. I envied the rapport Doctor Robert Kimball had with is wife before she died. I also liked the beginning of Up, the movie by Pixar. Why don’t I know any of these kinds of people? The movie Valentines Day was nice too, until Jessica Alba’s character did a hardcore homage to my life later in the film. Movies are great to certain people if those people can relate. Just like a good book.

A friend of mine reminded me that sadness and despair is going to help create art. I just saw something today that would normally push a person into self applicable death. However, it’s too late. I can’t even react anymore. Maybe it’s a sign that says “hey buddy, guess what? You’ve gotten over it!” Or it could be a sign saying, “Hey buddy, you’re too dangerous with this stuff, so i’m going to leave you a sociopath. I hope you kept a receipt for those feelings. Otherwise, there’s a shit-ton of paperwork for the repo and etc…”

Alexi Wasser asked if love can last. It can, but is far from eternal. Everyone has this thing called freedom now, and overpopulation kind of plays a role. There simply is too many people out there not to fall in love with daily. Yet, if one foot is in and the other is out, then you never were really going to accept true love in the first place, you’ll always be looking. Then when you hit 35, you start saying to yourself, “hmm that guy/girl wasn’t so bad, I should’ve just gotten him one of those nasal strips and poof! no more snoring!”

What constitutes ever lasting love to you? Someone perfect? As cliche as it is to start off a sentence stating the following statement is going to sound cliche, no one is perfect. It’s the imperfections you learn to live with that make that match a perfect match. Believe you me, they’d have to make the same compromise for your imperfections as well. But, fuck it! we’re young! 2010’s sexual forecast calls for promiscuous tastings anyway! No one is ever meant to last forever, and I’ve heard Chernobyl is okay to take a tour of again!

Anything you can do I can do too. Though I don’t have the heart to put my feelings into my actions. Their only goal is to self deprecate, which is a sign of a good mate. Self deprecators will always need you.

kiss kiss, xoxo.
(i know what i said)



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4 responses to “Tremor Control

  1. joybadluckclub

    such great philosophical thoughts! i always wish i knew cool people too… have you read ‘the virgin suicides’ by jeffrey eugenides? seems like something you would love. i used to want to be Lux Lisbon from that book….

  2. I HAVE read that book haha, the second book I’ve ever read actually. I’ve always wanted to be Will Freeman from ‘about a boy’ by nick hornsby

  3. Sean Smith

    Yep. That sure is a nice drumset in the last photo.

  4. hugh

    haha, it’s alright.

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