Heart Skips a Beat

To some, love means nothing. To some, love is the only thing they know. To some, it doesn’t exist unless acknowledged in front of other people. The validity of love and affection, hurts no one except the two that are in love. Nobody ever said you had to walk into love; you fall into it. And no one ever said falling was painless. It normally hurts, but love is the last legal state of psychosis that puts smiles on even the most devastated faces, and warm the most arctic hearts. Even briefly, but sometimes, that brief moment can mean nothing less than the world.

People go through different partners like underwear nowadays just to find that one person they can’t expect to make you laugh with a stupid joke, or make faces and voices, or sing obscure dirty hiphop songs and speak in a different language or even speak in tongue. Just to make you feel better. Love means never having to say you’re sorry, You’re in a team. and exclusive team that only has two members. You love them not just for the things that are easy to fall in love with, everyone does that. the trick is to love all the not-so-easy to fall in love with things about them It’s the little things that matter most, the details, like ornaments on a christmas tree. it’s apart of them. If you don’t, you’d be lying everytime you said, “i love you.”

“I lost two cities, two rivers, and a continent. I miss them, but it wasn’t a disaster. Even losing you, the joking voice, a gesture i loved…”

I’ve always loved this passage by Elizabeth Bishop, Bishop makes it seem as though she doesn’t mind losing all those things, she’s trying to look strong so she conveys losing things of a grand scale like cities and continents. But the joking voice was the greatest loss of all, and it kills her. I don’t think she was writing about losing a lover, but losing a good friend. But we all know that they say person you marry, should be your best friend anyway.


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