sweep the leg!

It’s hard to call someone “baby” and mean it. After about three days of flirtation, any promiscuous relationship can advance to this level. i’m a living example, and so are you. Yet the conflicting manner of this execution is not only brash and brazen, but contradicts what we ALL fight so hard to believe. I guarantee that no matter how strong you think your bond is with someone, that they’ll just as soon disavow your existence at the presence of another being that exerts interest. Don’t worry, this is normal. It happens all the time. The phrase “monogamy” and “fidelity” are as old and outdated as the term “chivalry.” The trick is, is that you have to be able to pretend to apply trust. meaning, “stop giving a fuck altogether.”

Now, I just have to say that i’m not an outdated person completely. I understand the significance of the situation that surrounds our generation, yet I will be the one first brave enough to say it out loud.\: “Your love don’t mean shit.” It’s true, blunt, and everything you need to presume global human interactions and existence. We have always been attracted to the disgusting, the filthy, the outlaws, and why is that? It’s because we have a built in impulse to seek out the ‘inanswerables,’ of life. The mysteries. The things in which we cannot explain. and when the ordeal is over, we act surprised the discoveries were disgusting, filthy, lawless. But who in the world wants to admit fault when our own bliss is wagered? We try again

Now I’ve been a completely fair and understanding person, by which i mean, taking into account the vileness of the new decade, and registering it as an evolution of mentality. Kafka would be an irrelevant belief many times over, and Freud, he’s only going to be recognized as the man who fancied his own mother and tried to justify through literary attempts. In actuality, our generation does not require too much intellect to understand. Physics say that there are simply an overabundance of human bodies in the world to ever make a decision for our own. We want to have fun, live in the moment, are young, and secretly think we’re the one person in the history of mankind with the ability to transcend time.

Reality is the thing, the creature, we fear most, and would just as easily cast it aside as if it were a removable cancerous tumor. Even cast it aside if it was the last greatest example of inherent emotion on the planet. No one wants to face it. like a person with polio in a wheelchair on the bus, Let it take it’s morals and absurdities elsewhere. Lies corrode the soul, so my question is: “who is really the one being cast aside?”

my control, my perseverance, comes from my inability to stomach dishonesty. i’m a bulimic with it. Anna Karenina.


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