Just Like Honey

list of things to do:

1) organic groceries
2) learn to ride bicycle
3)figure out why people annoy me

new list of deprecation

a) don’t
b)i’m an arsehole
c)i like laughing at children who fall down

i think i figured out why she runs from me; not because she loathes me or my existence. but she’s protecting me from hers.

new list of things to do
I) kill myself
II) fail at killing myself
III) drink and smoke cigarettes till my insides turn to mush and black
IV)realize that i’m actually quite a catch
V) realize i’m not really a catch and go with III

i think i loathe human existence not because i hate it naturally and find everything pungent and repulsive. but because i love it so much and can’t stand how nothing is in it’s right place. hmm…

(sorry to the girl in the coffee shop, you’re a very nice and charming girl. but i just wanted to save you the trouble of developing feelings for me only to find that i’ll drive you mad because my feelings are always stronger. then we’d work things out and talk about all the things we can do in the future. then argue with you some more about some guy you went to go have coffee with, who’d turn out to be your brother or some homosexual. then i’d beat myself up for reacting like an arse. then we’d work things out together, and things’ll be flowers and bunny rabbits. then while we run through the flowers and bunny rabbits, i’ll realize it’s only a matter of time before i try driving you mad again. that’s why i told you i didn’t believe in text messaging while texting someone else not realizing you were still there. that and i had a venti wine. i just wanted to read my book.)



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2 responses to “Just Like Honey

  1. !!!!!!!
    that’s how i always feel. that i’m the one who does all da lovin’ and obsessin’
    !!!!!!!! drugs are bad.
    i’m also obsessed with lists and sitting in coffee shops hopingto find someone to obsess over me, knowing that it will be the oppisite just sitting around with one in particular person who neverleaves my mind. EVER.

  2. shit. that’s very well put.

    except the obsession in my mind is stronger than waiting for someone to hit on me. i’ve heard the trick is to not look for anyone nor anticipate anyone coming. it’ll happen when it’s right. you’re a pretty girl maddy, and whats better is that youre blunt and honest. whoever DOES end up meeting you will see you for who you really are and appreciate you. hang in there kid. =)

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