The Lion Loosened it’s Fangs




From within a cold haze, seemingly never ending, I had succumbed to the bottomless bottle and the columbian snowfall. I had a home within the haze and no aspirations of escape, while escaping in every possible way. Sleepless nights aching with agony from hauntings by creatures in my mind, I had no beating heart to extract inner strength. No will of my own, just empty blank yes’s for which to respond to every request. The skies were always overcast and the evening was coming fast before I could find the road home. I drowned in darkness, laughing.

A crack in the sky. A break. A hand reaching down to me to help me up. “You don’t have a place here, follow me.” The mouselike voice spoke. My eyes were open but I saw nothing. Just my senses being awoken, one by one. The laughter stopped and a smile replaced it. “What’s your name?” The voice asked, gently holding my hand. “Ive had too many to call one my own.” I whispered, throat as dry as the desert. skepticism took hold because I never believed in angels, yet one held my hand and threw my bottle into the lake. The sunshine from her hair melted my snow, and I felt warm. Tomato juice flowed through my veins. I felt… I felt.

“There’s an open space inside your chest, you must be cold.” Said the light, as she put a silky hand on my chest. The hands look of porcelain. Before I could take my next breath, she had lent me hers. The tomato juice replaced by color in my black and white picture. This was the pinnacle of being human I supposed. I held her hand from then on, protecting my light, not even a wind was allowed to flicker. I loved it as hard as I could, as if I had learned how to stay afloat in the community swimming pool for the first time. I swam like a trout with insincts like a shark. I never wanted to get out of the pool.

Then one day, the laws of physics came to say hello. It left a lasting impression. The light had let go of my hand to return to the skies. But it forget the beating loan inside my chest. The light became as dark as midnight as a haze grew around her like moss on a beautiful castle wall, a wall made to keep everything out no matter what the cost. I reached my warm hand into the haze to return the favor, but I’m an imposter, my own light from my own hands would never be as bright as hers was. No matter what I did, I couldnt shine, instead I weeped and put a lock around my chest. I will never be able to repay the gesture,but I can’t stare into the haze forever. If there was one thing I knew, it was her resilience. Whatever world she found herself in, she would make work for her. She was every bit as strong as I believed she was… I hope.


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