What’s the interest rate?





“I love you with all my heart.” That’s one hundred percent according to my calculations. But what others do not know will not hurt them right? Wrong. I know. I feel the pain for them.

yes we can waste more time conjuring solutions to our dilemmas, but conjuring never solved a single thing. It takes action, and grit, otherwise, you’re filled with hot air like those balloons. And I don’t like heights, so I’ll stay on the earthly ground.

Bubbles and confetti once surrounded us all, it brought us higher and higher, but will result in a fall.

I met with a publisher whom I’ve had two meetings with, and she likes the theme of my novel and what ive written so far. Who would’ve thought my debilitating heartache could become profitable? But that’s the thing though, I gave mine away and never got it back, its hollow inside my chest and I’m filling it with warm whiskey and work.

I don’t know where my mind is going these days, but I sure do miss it sometimes.


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