Empirical Validity





We all have the ability to break a person down mentally. We can drive a person into a corner and animal instincts take over. Even a fox will chew his own leg off if caught in a trap.

Its not even hard to do, you build them up, then take them down like the Roman empire. We all feel like Caesar when we’re up don’t we? But the fall itself will put a traffic jam in the river Styx. How demented and ruthless we are.

My quiet eyes absorb the beauty in the world as much as it absorbs the putrid. My mind works with my mouth and hands to regurgitated it. Somehow I manage to find even ground and avoid insanity once more tonight. We face reality so we drink to make it pretty as observers. But sometimes we drink too much and become just as defiled.

Yet all hope is not lost, there are some of us born human and raised with passion and in turn, tidy up as much as we can on our planet. Our world. Our domain. We do it all in our owns ways as if to contribute our own colors in this painting we call life. Bless those resilient souls, for, without them, this reality would wither. Say hi to a new face and hold an elevator for someone, we can all go up together.


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