The hand Inside the Puppet






It is said that without duty, the world would be a verydark place. There are those who are run by passion, and there are those who run in subordination below others. Both have duties but both have different plights. Which are you?

I had fallen into contentful submission against a higher power. My plight and motive were synonomous and fall into one of the five basic human emotions. I didn’t get to where I stand by obeying all five. Methodically utilizing several at a time and sparringly omitting others.

The big question, or I should say statement is; it being human means there’s always chance of errors. Too much or too little passion injected into these five curses will always result in unsavory situations. Getting out of that funnel, more often than not requires something as simple as hope. However, hope, walks hand in hand with despair as a consequence. In theory, walking with hope and your head held high in anticipation means despair is your companion.

Sometimes I wish my mind was as dull as a spoon, but intellect is a companion of doubt. Knowing everything allows you to know and acknowledge the bad as well. Ignorance, however, is a companion of bliss, and makes me wish I was as dull as a spoon.

But without our sense of duty in living the way we do with what we’ve been given, means a heavy disservice to our existence. You’ve been dealt these specific cards, now play the game, and play to win. But remember, everyone loses.



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3 responses to “The hand Inside the Puppet

  1. it reminded me of that.
    get some hand puppet tats they’re really fun.
    you can be smart and live simplistically. you just need to learn to clear the mind. i’ve been into zen for a while now.

  2. wait i think the other one didn’t show up.

  3. hugh

    I was thinking about trying Zen meditation two nights ago! I think I was reeeeally buzzed.

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