Songs For Lovers

How’s about you tell it to me straight, i like to read but i don’t understand your language.

I wrote Cold Kisses when i came back from Chicago. I couldn’t make it sound right until today

your city smelled like stale cigarettes
he walked with obvious timidness
but you cradled him, as soon as he arrived
in the airport terminal this time
he drowned his eyes in ingenious skyscrapers
while you tighly held his hands
protected him, nurtured him
careful not to expose your clever plans
cheep wine and late night discussions
occupied the night
he was engulfed in your convincing affection

his heart believing it had finally found the light
you had his heart clouded from vision
bribed it’s beating logic
you satisfied yourself and
demented hunger, then wiped your frigid lips
boldly sprinkling flower petals, maniacally grinning

you glided out of sight
somehow you were allowed to know everything in his life.


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