Calm Like You

Spending every waking hour, sometimes even when the sun comes back for it’s morning shift, searching for absolution in what we’ve done is not only extremely assiduous, but stupid. Looking for an arbitrary solution to end a mutual abasement, has forced me to immediately deplore my efforts. everytime. The situation is knotty, yet a simple panacea sits right in front of our odious noses. i can continue to prate about and absorb your saccharin, but would that be salubrious for me as a man, a human being? not only that, but the surreptitious behavior is beginning to take it’s toll. If this shame is ubiquitous, then why is my time still being wasted as an advocate of the heart? i may be a puppet, but i’m labile. if i continue, this may be the equivalent of selling my soul to the devil, except i don’t get anything in return. However, any bargains with the horned red-man may prove higher affability.

is this the extent? High Aces with Blank Faces.

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