Marionette on Weakening Cables

a response to a Look.

excuse me, but some of the audiences’ usages of repugnant name-callings, are degrading to the prestige that this global fashion community had worked hard to maintain. Like pestering children hopped up on sweets, screaming hordes of ill-mannered nitwits charged into this HYPED-look, in full judgmental costume. Densely believing their anonymity for power, however, far too dimwitted to realize the masks magnified their cowardice. Then you spit and spray your filthy, profane, words at dear fashionably, expressive _____. Relief may befall upon the humanely, supportive half of the forum. why, because these self-righteous foul-mouthed assailants show signs of complete absences of wit. Even the extent of their brilliantly phrased onslaught failed to be any more clever than that of a fatuous prepubescent teenage girl. Asinine slander can hardly pass as a courteous fashion critique.

as far as _____’s Look goes, this is what i have to say; it isn’t a fashionable ‘look,’ however it embodies ______’s individual sense of fashion. Her age printed in bold letters say ’18,’ and so is rock and roll legend, Alice Cooper’s famous song “Eighteen” with the memorable lyric, “cause i’m eghteen, and i don’t know what i want!!” As i’m sure ______ does. Now look at what she’s wearing. A well designed leather jacket and white lingerie shorts. The jacket manufacturing company is unknown as Chicago and Excess is non-existent. how i’m interpreting this expression is that her body is Chicago as she currently resides in, and the excess is in reference to her (apparently infamous) breasts, in which she coined ‘excess’ quite cleverly, as she is not fond of her breasts sometimes either. I know that because her introduction says she’s an 18 dancer from chicago.” Dancer’s with larger breasts have to exert even more effort to follow their passion, to dance.
The white shorts, are INDEED made by a company called Lakes & Stars, The Lakes & Stars were named after a Victorian euphemism describing a woman’s skill in the bedroom. “The Lake & Stars intimates balance, provocation, humor, intelligence and sensuality, for a new vision of feminine style.” And I think most of us who’s ever seen ______’s other looks and followed her can attest her following that paradigm.

That brings us to the last bit of the exhibit; the title. “If I had known you were looking for Marcia fucking Brady, I woulda stayed home.” One would look at this and possibly interpret this the wrong way, However, to a dedicated follower of fashion and modelling, this title has everything to do with the exhibit. The line is actually spoken by the character of Gia Carnagi, a vigilant model, in the movie “Gia.” Summarized, She was a hard working, modelling pistol, locked and loaded. So is ______.

In my opinion, this look is brilliant. As i mentioned, it embodies fashion, NOW. the woman as the power figure, sensual, strong, sexy, and well dressed. I’d consider this Look as a kind of intermission, no, i’d consider this Look a treat we probably don’t deserve. But enjoy it now, get inspired. HYPED! and ♥ cause… how could you not fall in love with this.

…To any of those other dastardly foulmouths, if you don’t have anything pleasant to say, then don’t say it at all.

i wrote this to defend her honor on a late angry night. even went as far as to spend a large amount time for proper research on fashion a bit in order to fill my words with some amount of clout. it was a little contrived, granted, but the effort and intent was done in goodwill. however, her ease and tact of evading confrontation and courtesy has left me feeling i should’ve just gone to sleep that icy night, wrapped myself up in my lion-blanket and dreamt about how i could’ve paid someone to have a dusty, rancid smelling donkey hind-kick my ribcage in …twice. then wake up saying “i had a good dream,” in comparison to the ruthless, raw reality.

I know in the end i wouldn’t possibly be able to stay peeved. I’d truly miss her ease and tact of making me feel alive, keeping me grounded on this planet.

Her fingers crossed and winter kisses in the air. I’m nowhere near there…


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2 responses to “Marionette on Weakening Cables

  1. Nina

    “As i mentioned, it embodies fashion, NOW. the woman as the power figure, sensual, strong, sexy, and well dressed.”

    A woman can still be a “power figure” without taking off her clothes. You don’t gain respect by getting your tits out, and I don’t want to hear this bullshit about women being empowered through allegedly “embracing” their body when all they are doing is basically exploiting their own sexuality. Getting naked doesn’t make you strong, it makes you look sad, and easy, and women will never know sexual equality if we continue to take off our clothes in hollow hopes of being liberated and strong. I do agree that nudity can be artistic and necessary, but honey, this ain’t. You’re better then this. You don’t need to take your clothes off for attention, or in hopes it will make you appear edgy or “raw and real”, to use a hackneyed phrase of yours.

    If this is fashion “NOW”, I don’t want to know about it.

  2. actually i agree. =) thank you for thinking. i’ve always said the look was borderline softcore porn.

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